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Bonus-malus regulation

Motivating employees is the supreme discipline of employee management. But can a bonus/malus system help?

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Formulate target agreements

Target agreements can provide your employees with greater motivation - as long as they are formulated correctly. But what is elementary for this?

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The bore-out: Peter is more than just bored

Learn how to recognize and take action against bore-out syndrome. Discover the causes, symptoms and consequences for employees and companies.


Talent Relationship Management – TRM

Successful talent relationship management can make recruiting more efficient. But how can good talent relationship management be implemented?

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Narcissism: the key to success?

How are narcissism and leadership related? We did some research and came up with some unexpected results.

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Reduce absences and absenteeism

Absences are expensive: in terms of money, stress and unrest in the company. They also increase the risk of accidents. But how do you reduce...


X as in... Gen-X

What actually distinguishes the Gen-X?

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Corporate Benefits

The job market is highly competitive. This is where corporate benefits come into play. But what exactly are they? Can they save taxes?


Applicant pool

What actually is an applicant pool, how do you use it and what advantages does it offer for whom?

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The four phases of onboarding

What is the best way to organize the onboarding process? What needs to be taken into account in which phases?

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Minimum wage 2023: Changes and adjustments

This article looks at the development of the minimum wage, explains why it needs to be constantly adjusted in the first place and what the...

The legal aspects of termination

What legal provisions actually apply in the event of termination? How does it have to be justified, in which cases is there protection against...