Applicant pool

What actually is an applicant pool, how do you use it and what advantages does it offer for whom?

An applicant pool is a valuable resource for companies to attract qualified candidates. If several competent applicants have applied for the same position, the company can add those applicants who were not selected to its applicant pool. This pool serves as a talent pool from which the company can make future appointments as needed.

The applicant pool includes not only external applicants, but also employees who are already employed. If these employees are open to new positions, they can also remain in the applicant pool. This allows the company to nurture internal talent and support employee career development.

The applicant pool offers significant benefits to both applicants and companies. Applicants can be confident that their application will be considered for future positions without having to go through the entire application process again. This saves time and energy. Companies can access a pool of pre-qualified candidates, which speeds up the hiring process and reduces costs.

In addition, the applicant pool allows for a better fit between candidates and jobs. If a candidate is not selected for a particular position, it does not necessarily mean they are not suitable for other positions within the company. Through the applicant pool, companies can identify potential talent and provide them with future opportunities.

Overall, the applicant pool is an effective tool to optimize recruitment and talent management. Companies can access a pool of qualified candidates and applicants have the opportunity to recommend themselves for future positions within the company. This promotes efficient and successful recruitment and allows companies to build their team with the best talent.

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