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Recruiting matchmaking: Finding the needle in a haystack

Needle is in a haystackFor every job vacancy there are dozens or even hundreds of people applying. Among all those, recruiters have to find the one candidate that fits best. Time is scarce, so often the assessment of the profiles is rather superficial – especially soft skills such as motivation and personality don’t get as much attention as would be due. But recruiting needs to focus on exactly those criteria if it aims to be sustainable. The basic requirements when checking a CV are:

Availability: Is the candidate available when needed? Which workload do they want to work and how much flexibility do they require?
Proximity: Most people don’t want to work too far away from the place they live. If the candidate doesn’t live close to the work place, the recruiter will have to clarify if commuting or moving is an option.
Skills and competence: Every position has a certain requirement profile that needs to be matched. Some skills are compulsory, some a plus, but not a must-have.

A successful matchmaking does not only focus on availability and qualification, but takes into account less evident soft criteria:

Soft skills and motivation: the applicant should complement the existing team on a personal and social level and support the company culture. His motivations and perspectives should match the goals of the company. The matchmaking approach of jacando consists largely in identifying those aspects and incorporating the results into the choice of profiles. This reduces the number of profiles the HR department has to work on and candidates that would not have stood out in the conventional approach can turn out to be the perfect allocation for the opening.

The half-automatized jacando matchmaking tool compares applicant profiles to employer requirements and offers a choice of candidates that align precisely with the employer criteria. This approach is not only quicker, but also yields more precise and reliable results than browsing through numbers of profiles. The comprehensive evalutation of all candidates with focus on their individual strengths and weaknesses increases recruiting success rate significantly. Our well-rehearsed team offers professional and individual customer care both for recruiters and candidates. With this, jacando offers a valuable tool for HR departments to not only find the most skilled employee, but the on best suited for this precise opening.

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