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Tag: Unternehmenskultur

Is bad feedback good feedback?


Satisfied employees are essential for a company’s success – they are more motivated, creative, loyal and help to improve the company’s reputation. But how do we find out how satisfied and loyal our employees are? Very easy – with employee feedback. But is it really that easy? It is not enough to simply ask the employees once a year whether they are happy or not. One has to be able to analyse received feedback seriously, to share the results transparently with the respondents and to implement improvements according to the results. Employee feedbacks are a powerful instrument in a company. But only if they are being carried out in an appropriate way.… Continue

Jobsharing – when the career doesn’t suffer despite flexibility

Working Models of the Future and New Work are the new buzzwords par excellence and cannot be overlooked in HR media. And since it is known that the younger generations have changed views on the work-life balance, flexible working-time models are on everyone’s lips and virtually unimaginable. But it is not just about the youngsters – even employees of older age nowadays have shifted priorities and want, for example, a better compatibility of family and career. While home office opportunities and sabbaticals are common to many companies, there is a model that is not so often spoken about – although it is actually quite obvious: jobsharing.… Continue

Cultural fit: when your employees go with the flow

Swim against the tideGood qualification, and the job interview was considerably promising, too – a nice guy; cheerful and yet confident and prudent. No question, a successful recruitment – or so it seemed. Very soon it got obvious that the new employee just does not fit into the company at all. This is a story that should be well-known in every HR department. The reason for such unsuccessful recruiting is often an absent cultural fit.… Continue

When the boss is abolished…

Digital work is on the rise, and since mobile and laptop, in addition to a good WLAN connection, are actually everything that many employees need for their everyday activities, the presence of employees in the office is no longer required. But, of course, it is not that easy. If employees are not in the office, new things will become necessary: more trust, better communication, but above all more self-responsibility and thus … flatter hierarchies.

Business concept vector illustration

In short, digitalization demands a new definition of leadership. We are talking about digital leadership. This new form of leadership is fast, cross-hierarchical, cooperative and team-oriented.… Continue

Work Wherever You Want To! New Work and The Reinvented Space.

In our last blog article, we discussed the term “new work” in general. We have seen that new work reunites many different phenomena which determine the work of the future. The workplace is one of them. In the workplace of the future, spaces are being reinvented, and within this context, the need for workers to actually work inside the company’s walls is questioned.

Individual workplaces belong to the past. Work zones are currently trending. Innovative companies focus increasingly on a wide range of working environments that adapt to the work activities of the employees. In addition to workspaces which are suitable for teamwork and cross-departmental encounters, there is a need for quiet retreats if one needs to concentrate.… Continue