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The big mourning for lost employees

Study “Employee Experience: Hired and forgotten!?”

The fact that the process of hiring employees is expensive and complex, no one doubts. The only way around it is to have satisfied, motivated employees who don’t think of a job change. Especially in times when talents and skilled workers are fought for, it is necessary to take more care of your own employees with appropriate measures and to bind them to the company. Easier said than done, as the latest study “Employee Experience: Hired and forgotten!?” by jacando shows. In the study, about 150 employees from Swiss and German companies were surveyed on the topic of “Employee Experience” and its importance nowadays, the great impact that digitalization has on it, and how this impact ultimately affects employee attitudes.… Continue

Is bad feedback good feedback?


Satisfied employees are essential for a company’s success – they are more motivated, creative, loyal and help to improve the company’s reputation. But how do we find out how satisfied and loyal our employees are? Very easy – with employee feedback. But is it really that easy? It is not enough to simply ask the employees once a year whether they are happy or not. One has to be able to analyse received feedback seriously, to share the results transparently with the respondents and to implement improvements according to the results. Employee feedbacks are a powerful instrument in a company. But only if they are being carried out in an appropriate way.… Continue

Talent Acquisition: THE must-have for HR

Talent acquisition sounds great! It has something to do with talents, sounds good right in the middle of the “war for talents” and is currently so hip, that one must simply have it. As a “must have” of the HR scene, many recruiters will be renamed today to Talent Acquisition Manager. But if you do not change something fundamental in your area of responsibility, then it is just a nice attempt to keep up – not more. Because talent acquisition is much more than “mere” recruitment.

Businessman Spotlight Human Resource Recruitment Candidate, Business People Hire Concept Flat Vector Illustration

Word fraud? Talent acquisition is not equal to recruitment.

But again from the beginning. Of course Talent Acquisition has a lot to do with recruitment.… Continue

Big Data – (R) evolution of Talent Management?


“Big Brother is watching you.” – this is often said when talking about Big Data. The quotation from George Orwell’s novel “1984” has been brought into connection with data collection, storage and analysis not just since the Snowden revelations. Ever since governments or corporations have been collecting, analysing, and misusing data on a large scale, the quotes from this dystopian novel are used to draw attention to (alleged) digital surveillance. But what is the positive benefit that we can draw from large data sets? 

Especially in talent management there are new possibilities emerging. You will find out what these are, where they are already used and what impact they have on human resource management, all in the second part of a small series on the subject: Big Data.



A guest contribution by Lisa Schäfer, manetch

The generation Maybe is considered indecisive, challenging and discontinuous. They are also said to doubt and question everything. This presents companies with an unprecedented challenge. How should they deal with this challenge?

The Millennials demand the surrender of rigid work structures and the introduction of flexible corporate cultures. Having grown up in the digital age with almost endless possibilities of life-shaping and the flow of information, it is difficult for them to find their professional identity and to set themselves a clear goal. There are no limits to self-optimization and implementation, which lead to difficulties for both workers and employers.… Continue