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Tag: Talent Acquisition

Shortage of skilled workers: Utopia or fact?

In recent years it has been one of the most widely discussed topics in the media. On our blog a little hidden between Big Data, Candidate Experience, Trend Studies and E-Recruiting, it is high time that we devote ourselves to this topic. For it still troubles HR managers every day. But is it really an economic or even social problem, or is it made by the companies? And what can they do about it? The new series “Specialist deficit: Utopia or Fact?” Will bring light into the dark and illuminate the topic from different sides.

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An interview with Prof. Dr. Michael Beckmann, Professor of Human Resources and Organization at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Basel.… Continue

Talent Acquisition: THE must-have for HR

Talent acquisition sounds great! It has something to do with talents, sounds good right in the middle of the “war for talents” and is currently so hip, that one must simply have it. As a “must have” of the HR scene, many recruiters will be renamed today to Talent Acquisition Manager. But if you do not change something fundamental in your area of responsibility, then it is just a nice attempt to keep up – not more. Because talent acquisition is much more than “mere” recruitment.

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Word fraud? Talent acquisition is not equal to recruitment.

But again from the beginning. Of course Talent Acquisition has a lot to do with recruitment.… Continue