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Tag: Soft Skills

Cultural fit: when your employees go with the flow

Swim against the tideGood qualification, and the job interview was considerably promising, too – a nice guy; cheerful and yet confident and prudent. No question, a successful recruitment – or so it seemed. Very soon it got obvious that the new employee just does not fit into the company at all. This is a story that should be well-known in every HR department. The reason for such unsuccessful recruiting is often an absent cultural fit.… Continue

When the boss is abolished…

Digital work is on the rise, and since mobile and laptop, in addition to a good WLAN connection, are actually everything that many employees need for their everyday activities, the presence of employees in the office is no longer required. But, of course, it is not that easy. If employees are not in the office, new things will become necessary: more trust, better communication, but above all more self-responsibility and thus … flatter hierarchies.

Business concept vector illustration

In short, digitalization demands a new definition of leadership. We are talking about digital leadership. This new form of leadership is fast, cross-hierarchical, cooperative and team-oriented.… Continue

Who are you, and if so, how many?

Who Are You?

Finding and hiring the right candidate is not an easy task. Of this, recruiters can especially sing a song. On one side you have to be fast, so that a candidate does not end up with the competition. On the other hand, the simple reading of an application has to be enough to evaluate, whether or not a person and their skills fit into the team and to the position, and should thus be invited to an interview. And as soon as a candidate sits in the interview, they will present themselves from their best side and preserves the appearance, that they fit the profile better than they actually do.… Continue

Matchmaking oder die clevere Suche nach der Nadel im Heuhaufen

Needle is in a haystack

Für jede ausgeschriebene Stelle erhalten Personalabteilungen eine Vielzahl an Bewerbungen. Unter den zahlreichen Bewerbern gilt es nun effizient, zeitschonend und wenn immer möglich kostenoptimiert den Bewerber zu finden, der am besten auf die zu besetzende Stelle passt. Das klingt banal, stellt jedoch in den Unternehmen immer wieder eine Herausforderung dar. Aus Zeitmangel wird in den HR-Abteilungen auf eine umfassende Beurteilung der Bewerberprofile verzichtet, insbesondere die sogenannten weichen Faktoren wie Soft Skills, Motivation und Persönlichkeit werden meistens stark vernachlässigt. Ein nachhaltiges Recruiting muss jedoch gerade diese Kriterien in den Mittelpunkt stellen.

Folgende Standardpunkte gelten als Basis-Check bei der Sichtung von Bewerbungen:
1)   Zeitliche Verfügbarkeit: Es muss sichergestellt sein, dass der Bewerber zum erforderlichen Zeitpunkt die Stelle antreten kann.… Continue