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The big mourning for lost employees

Study “Employee Experience: Hired and forgotten!?”

The fact that the process of hiring employees is expensive and complex, no one doubts. The only way around it is to have satisfied, motivated employees who don’t think of a job change. Especially in times when talents and skilled workers are fought for, it is necessary to take more care of your own employees with appropriate measures and to bind them to the company. Easier said than done, as the latest study “Employee Experience: Hired and forgotten!?” by jacando shows. In the study, about 150 employees from Swiss and German companies were surveyed on the topic of “Employee Experience” and its importance nowadays, the great impact that digitalization has on it, and how this impact ultimately affects employee attitudes.… Continue

Somehow. Somewhere. Some time.

Study focus on Social Media in HR

Hardly any other term has shaped the internet and user behavior as profoundly as Social Media. It plays an important role not only in the private sphere, but also in the professional one – wherever interaction with people is concerned. So it’s ready made for HR! Many companies also see it this way therefore bet on social media. They are all taking part in some way, and know something about it – and that is the problem, as the third part of the study “HR Management Trends 2016” has found out.


Various possibilities

But starting from the beginning: In Switzerland over 3.5 million people are currently active on social media in one way or the other.… Continue

Skills shortage? The HEKS has an answer

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Skills shortage is not a new topic in Switzerland. To blame for this is – of course not solely – the demographic change. The aging of the population leads to an imbalance in the employed and the unemployed, with a rising tendency. This leads to more than half of the companies being influenced in their recruitment by this skills shortage and having problems with finding qualified specialists.

The availability of a sufficiently skilled workforce is, as is known, extremely important for the competitiveness of companies, and accordingly urgent innovative approaches are needed to overcome the shortcomings of skilled labour. A very interesting approach from our point of view is offered by the Relief Society of the Protestant Churches of Switzerland (HEKS) with its campaign “Equal Opportunity Pays Off“.… Continue

HR Study shows: Digitalization is not IT

Mobile recruiting, applicant management systems, social media and online job-search platforms – they all have one thing in common: they are children of the digitalization and are shaking up the HR scene. While in the past recruiting was done by hand, today (almost) everything is done with a mouse click. The processes are visibly more efficient and simpler, thus giving HR recruiters more time for the truly important processes and the people behind them. – Sadly this is not true. Recruiting is still done like yesterday, incredibly homogenous and much is misunderstood, like the study “HR Management Trends 2016” shows.


The Study “HR Management Trends 2016”, which was conducted by jacando in collaboration with the Swiss SME Association and HR Today, investigated in the first of three parts how recruitment is done today.… Continue

Digitalisation: without us! SMEs are giving away 130 Million CHF


That the digitalization is revolutionizing work is a fact and has changed the workday of companies in each and every size fundamentally. Possibilities to raise a company’s efficiency exist in many ways thanks to the digitalization – but the implementation of these are slow – if at all – to happen. Exactly this is currently happening with HR and recruiting. Besides the efficiency one other aspect especially suffers from this – the finances. In times of a strong Swiss Franc and skills shortages, SMEs are throwing away millions, as shown by the study “HR Management Trends 2016”.

Small and medium enterprises (SME) make up 99% of the companies in Switzerland and employee two thirds of the workforce.… Continue

Reminder: Swiss HR Management Trends

logo_findmind_6The digitalization has revolutionized the workspace and does not stop before any department. Not even before HR. This means, that the application process has sped up and become more simplified. While until a few years postal applications had to be perused by the HR department, each application parsed into the system (if one even existed) by hand, a Sisyphean task, and then had to contact candidate for candidate by hand, this process today has changed quite a bit. Tools such as applicant tracking systems, mobile recruiting apps or the one-click application speed up the application process many times over. Theoretically.

In our daily work we find again and again that the practice, despite all options, often still looks quite different.… Continue

Study: Swiss HR Management Trends 2016

logo_findmind_6The world of employment is going through a digital transformation process, which is helping companies in simplifying their processes and structuring them more efficiently. This applies to all departments; thus also to the HR department. Even though online job vacancies and online application methods have become the norm, there are many more possibilities to increase efficiency in HR processes: from mobile recruiting apps and applicant management tools to talent management software, everything is available. Nothing should therefore stand in the way of their broad implementation. At least according to the theory.

The reality is known to differ. Although yearly conducted trend studies show that the HR departments of large companies are almost forced to digitalize due to large amounts of data, and in this regard are in the process of upgrading.… Continue