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Application from XY – Anonymized Applications

In the last post we reported on professional networks, in which perfect self-presentation is part of a successful job search. Today is all about a contrarian approach: Anonymized applications.

As the name suggests, the applications are made completely unrecognizable in this process. This means that the name and sex of the applicant do not appear in the documents. Images are not admitted. All data, which could indicate origin and age, omitted.

Commonplace in North America.

In the US, since the 60’s applications will be sent without a photo, age and gender. In German-speaking countries this is rather unusual. The HR departments still seem rather sceptical about the anonymity.… Continue

Who are you, and if so, how many?

Who Are You?

Finding and hiring the right candidate is not an easy task. Of this, recruiters can especially sing a song. On one side you have to be fast, so that a candidate does not end up with the competition. On the other hand, the simple reading of an application has to be enough to evaluate, whether or not a person and their skills fit into the team and to the position, and should thus be invited to an interview. And as soon as a candidate sits in the interview, they will present themselves from their best side and preserves the appearance, that they fit the profile better than they actually do.… Continue

HR Trend: Snapchat?

Snapchat – that is the name of the App whose user numbers have exploded in the last few years. Already named the trend of 2016 by many HR experts, the questions now asked are: What does the app do? How does it work? And what is it doing on an HR blog?

Source: snapchat.comSource:

Snapchat? What is that even?

As the name lets on, Snapchat is a short message service. But it is not another Facebook messenger or WhatsApp clone. Because the messages are not available for an indefinite time, and instead disappear after having been read for a maximum of 10 seconds.… Continue