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Recruiting with a System


Often mentioned on our blog, separate functions occasionally described, new trends presented, but never truly explained – the applicant management system.

How these systems work, where they simplify recruiting processes and what is offered beyond that, is something we want to explain to you today.

From Application to Employment

Provided the application is not submitted via email or post, but through an online platform, an applicant management system is usually employed. This system stretches from the submission of the application to the signing of the employment contract. The goal of each of these systems is to make the recruiting process more efficient and to hire the most suitable candidates.


Application in One Click

Applications via Email or online form have largely replaced the application via post and have today become the standard way of application. Since the digitalization does not even stop before HR, and neither do the developments in the area, there now exists a new form of application: the so called One-Click-Application. A single click on the carrier page or job application transmit all relevant information in a matter of seconds to the recruiter; clearly structured, and with a guarantee for completeness.


Structured Applicant Management instead of Chaos in the Inbox

Those in search of a new job typically have already assembled a CV and other documents with great care.… Continue