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7 reasons why you should digitalize your HR process immediately

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Digitalization will remain a huge topic in 2018. Human Resources departments are also increasingly facing up to this challenge and can work as quickly, efficiently and paperlessly as possible with the help of innovative software. But not everyone is convinced of this yet…

We investigated seven reasons why you should immediately lead your HR process into the digital age with the help of HR software.

More time for the really important things

The process of applying via e-mail takes more than three times longer and even five times longer by post than using an application management system with a one-click application.… Continue

The big mourning for lost employees

Study “Employee Experience: Hired and forgotten!?”

The fact that the process of hiring employees is expensive and complex, no one doubts. The only way around it is to have satisfied, motivated employees who don’t think of a job change. Especially in times when talents and skilled workers are fought for, it is necessary to take more care of your own employees with appropriate measures and to bind them to the company. Easier said than done, as the latest study “Employee Experience: Hired and forgotten!?” by jacando shows. In the study, about 150 employees from Swiss and German companies were surveyed on the topic of “Employee Experience” and its importance nowadays, the great impact that digitalization has on it, and how this impact ultimately affects employee attitudes.… Continue

Digitalization in Europe? Wrong!

Although millions of dollars are invested by governments in digitalization programs, in majority of European SMEs digitalization is still in the early stage of development. About one billion Euros is being wasted in the HR departments of German-speaking DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) alone, due to a lack of digitized processes, as a new study by jacando has shown.


The digital potential is not being used, or: This was not meant with “digitalization”!

Despite the wide range of possibilities such as one-click applications, social recruiting or various mobile recruiting forms, old structures still predominate in all the countries examined. Applications reach 34% of European SMEs by mail and 52% via e-mail.… Continue

Still recruiting oldschool via email? Total disaster! #TrumpTools

MAGA_logo.svg_The Netherlands lead the way, in how you could secure the kindness of the new supposedly most powerful man on earth (and everyone is following suit). You’ve likely already discovered one of the ‘everysecondcounts’ videos.

We were so impressed with the concept that we quickly decided to try to catch the favor of President Trump. But the countries and companies on this earth can argue for the second place. We claim the first place, at least when it comes to innovative applicant management and HR software.

With our “Trump-Tool” we make recruiting “great again”.

PS: Of course, the video content should be viewed with the same mindset as the ‘everysecondcounts’ campaign.… Continue

we love social


Working at a non-profit organization (NPO) is not only exciting, but also fulfilling and meaningful. But because of its charitable mission, most jobs are voluntary-based. Thus it goes without saying that in case of a paid-vacancy many apply for it. At the same time this large number of applications means a lot of work –without the necessary human resources this is no easy task!

This makes recruitment one of the biggest challenges NPOs have to deal with besides raising donations. Publishing the vacancies on different job boards, reading all the applications, requesting missing documents and contacting each individual applicant – all these processes require a lot of time and administrative effort, and thus leave little time for other tasks.… Continue

May we present to you: our chatbot search_match

What has previously occurred: At the end of July we presented to you the tool Chatfuel, with which you can easily create your own free chatbots on Facebook. The hows and whats were documented extensively. We also announced our own chatbots. Today we are excited to tell you that it is ready to be tested by you.


Why actually create your own Chatbot?

On one side is the love for technical innovation and on the other hand a chatbots offers the (still very simple, and sometimes restrictive) possibility to be available 24/7. The task of our new Facebook “employee” is to introduce jacando to you and to give you information on our key features and competences.… Continue

Finding a baby-sitter made easy

Finding a good, reliable baby-sitter, who is trained in dealing with children, has until recently been a difficult, Sisyphean task. Even though the Swiss Red Cross has been training baby-sitters in how to handle children for over 30 years, the referral of baby-sitters and parents has only just now been professionalized. The platform, which allows this, is called, has been online since March and was constructed in collaboration with jacando.

cr universalitaAn interview with Christine Rüfenacht, Project Manager at the Swiss Red Cross.

Ms. Rüfenacht, how did the partnership with jacando come into existence?

For more than 30 years, future baby-sitters are being trained by the Swiss Red Cross (SRK) in a special course on the appropriate handling of children.… Continue

Classifieds are dead? Long live the ad sections!

KleinanzeigenSome time ago, when you wanted to find a job, rent a space or sell or buy used goods, first of all you had a look at the classified ads in your local newspaper and maybe asked your friends to keep their eyes open. Then online platfoms – ebay, and others – entered the picture and everything changed, making the ad section of a newspaper obsolete and leading to losses in revenues for media companies in general and newspapers in particular. Since the whole printing business is suffering more and more under the technological advances, magazines and newspaper need to rethink their strategies on how to make use – and money – of their reach.… Continue

Kleinanzeigen sind tot? – Es leben die Kleinanzeigen!

Kleinanzeigen in Zeitungen und Magazinen waren früher neben Mund-Zu-Mund-Empfehlungen der erste Anlaufpunkt, wenn es darum ging eine Stelle zu finden, Räumlichkeiten zu mieten oder gebrauchte Dinge zu verkaufen. In den letzten Jahren haben sich verschiedene Online-Plattformen – beispielsweise die Job-Plattform in der Schweiz – diesen Markt zu eigen gemacht, was zu starken Umsatzeinbussen bei den Medienhäusern und insbesondere den Zeitungen geführt hat. Da auch das Printgeschäft immer stärker leidet, müssen sich Medien neue Wege überlegen, wie sie ihre Reichweite auf sinnvolle Weise monetarisieren können. Und hier tauchen die Kleinanzeigen – in aktualisierter Form – wieder als interessante Möglichkeit auf.

KleinanzeigenDie Ansprüche an ein Kleinanzeigenportal sind enorm gestiegen, ebenso auch die Möglichkeiten, die sich mit den veränderten Nutzungsgewohnheiten bieten.… Continue

Jungunternehmerpreis 2014: jacando bestes Internet-Startup und Top-5 insgesamt

Wir freuen uns mitteilen zu dürfen, dass jacando beim diesjährigen Jungunternehmerpreis der Nordwestschweiz als bestes Internet-Startup und in die Top-5 aller teilnehmenden Startups gewählt wurde.

Bei der Preisverleihung, welche alle 2 Jahre durch den Gewerbe-Verband Basel-Stadt und JCI Basel veranstaltet wird, wurde jacando am Abend des 7. November als eines der besten 5 Jungunternehmen des Jahres geehrt.

Wir sind besonders stolz darauf, dass wir uns in einer standortbedingt fast ausschliesslich von Med-Tech und Technologie-Unternehmen geprägten Veranstaltung, in die Riege der besten Startups – als einziges Internet-Unternehmen – einreihen dürfen.

Der Preis wurde durch unseren CEO Matthias Falk entgegen genommen.

Wir sind sehr stolz auf diese Anerkennung und freuen uns immer mehr zufriedenen Nutzern unseren Service anbieten zu können.… Continue