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Tag: HRM 4.0

Employee Self Service: The big win for HR.

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A study by Kienbaum proves: HR needs more time. Instead of being able to work strategically, HR professionals spend a large part of their day on administrative tasks. More than 39 percent of HR processes in German HR departments are attributable to administrative duties. Here, employee self-service portals and digital processes could bring enormous relief.

HR lacks the time to set the course for Industry 4.0

It’s a vicious circle: While HR professionals spend a lot of their time in bulky Excel spreadsheets, they have to do quite a different job. The changing world of work is in full swing, and in most areas, routine work is done by the computer.… Continue

How to use Artificial Intelligence in HR – Watson and Chatbots

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The most exciting digital trends in HR software include artificial (and virtual) intelligence and big data. Which applications are relevant in HR and how can these change recruiting, employee and talent management as well as the collaboration within the company? We wrote in our last article about Big Data in connection with Artificial Intelligence in HR, this article is about chatbots in recruiting and what impact artificial intelligence has on the HR work of the future.

Chatbots in recruiting

Even in recruiting chatbots already do their job. On career pages, for example, they automatically answer questions about vacancies, career opportunities or about the company. … Continue

The working world of the future – these are the main trends of 2018

Economia Moderna

The working world of the future was the focus of “Zukunft Personal” in Cologne. How will we work in the future? And what does that mean for HR work today? We have as well thought about this and put together what significant trends will come next year in 2018. Among other things the HR conference also provided answers in the field of HR software solutions.

Digital humanism with responsibility

According to the motto “work-olution – moving minds”, the annual HR-conference “Zukunft Personal” in Cologne was dedicated to the current top topic of the HR scene par excellence: working in a digital world.… Continue

New work – the work of the future

Globalization, work migration and technologisation – topics which substantially shape todays job market and raise significant questions: How does tomorrow’s job market look like? Where and, in particular, when will we work? How will we communicate? And what hierarchies will be in place? How much importance will work play in a person’s life, and above all, why and what do we work for?

Social network and teamwork concept

Terms like self-responsibility, self-reflexion, self-realisation, freedom and community thinking, virtual collaboration, augmented reality and crowd innovation will steadily gain more importance. In short, we talk about the work of the future: Classical concepts of work will be reconsidered and reinvented in relation to time, space and organisation.… Continue

Big Data – (R) evolution of Talent Management?


“Big Brother is watching you.” – this is often said when talking about Big Data. The quotation from George Orwell’s novel “1984” has been brought into connection with data collection, storage and analysis not just since the Snowden revelations. Ever since governments or corporations have been collecting, analysing, and misusing data on a large scale, the quotes from this dystopian novel are used to draw attention to (alleged) digital surveillance. But what is the positive benefit that we can draw from large data sets? 

Especially in talent management there are new possibilities emerging. You will find out what these are, where they are already used and what impact they have on human resource management, all in the second part of a small series on the subject: Big Data.