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Tag: HR Trends

Recruiting and Talentmanagement – Gamification in HR

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Is gamification the next ‘big thing’ in human resources management or just another nice-sounding buzzword? Can the playful approach provide real value, or are they just superfluous bells and whistles? Does gamification provide completely new ways of interacting with employees? These are just a few questions that need to be clarified in our series “Gamification in HRM”.

Simplify → play → motivate!

But from the beginning: Gamification brings, as the name suggests, a playful approach to represent a complex issue for each user and to fuel the debate with just that fact. In terms of human resource management, this can happen in all sorts of disciplines.… Continue

Work 2030 – The HR Manager of the Future


Flying cars, autonomous estates under water, life on the moon and humanoid robots on earth. As a kid, I liked to look at my father’s illustrated books. In it: Future visions of the 70s, which should show us how people would live in the year 2000, 2010 or even 2020. Looking back, many of these future concepts can be dismissed as premature reveries.

Unfortunately I did not fly to work this morning, did not sleep in my underwater house, and humanoid robots are still highly sensitive prototypes that rarely leave the lab.

This intro may seem familiar to you – of course, because that’s the second part of our series: Work 2030.… Continue