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Tag: Diskriminierung

Skills shortage? The HEKS has an answer

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Skills shortage is not a new topic in Switzerland. To blame for this is – of course not solely – the demographic change. The aging of the population leads to an imbalance in the employed and the unemployed, with a rising tendency. This leads to more than half of the companies being influenced in their recruitment by this skills shortage and having problems with finding qualified specialists.

The availability of a sufficiently skilled workforce is, as is known, extremely important for the competitiveness of companies, and accordingly urgent innovative approaches are needed to overcome the shortcomings of skilled labour. A very interesting approach from our point of view is offered by the Relief Society of the Protestant Churches of Switzerland (HEKS) with its campaign “Equal Opportunity Pays Off“.… Continue

Application from XY – Anonymized Applications

In the last post we reported on professional networks, in which perfect self-presentation is part of a successful job search. Today is all about a contrarian approach: Anonymized applications.

As the name suggests, the applications are made completely unrecognizable in this process. This means that the name and sex of the applicant do not appear in the documents. Images are not admitted. All data, which could indicate origin and age, omitted.

Commonplace in North America.

In the US, since the 60’s applications will be sent without a photo, age and gender. In German-speaking countries this is rather unusual. The HR departments still seem rather sceptical about the anonymity.… Continue