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When the boss is abolished…

Digital work is on the rise, and since mobile and laptop, in addition to a good WLAN connection, are actually everything that many employees need for their everyday activities, the presence of employees in the office is no longer required. But, of course, it is not that easy. If employees are not in the office, new things will become necessary: more trust, better communication, but above all more self-responsibility and thus … flatter hierarchies.

Business concept vector illustration

In short, digitalization demands a new definition of leadership. We are talking about digital leadership. This new form of leadership is fast, cross-hierarchical, cooperative and team-oriented.… Continue

Digitalization in Europe? Wrong!

Although millions of dollars are invested by governments in digitalization programs, in majority of European SMEs digitalization is still in the early stage of development. About one billion Euros is being wasted in the HR departments of German-speaking DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) alone, due to a lack of digitized processes, as a new study by jacando has shown.


The digital potential is not being used, or: This was not meant with “digitalization”!

Despite the wide range of possibilities such as one-click applications, social recruiting or various mobile recruiting forms, old structures still predominate in all the countries examined. Applications reach 34% of European SMEs by mail and 52% via e-mail.… Continue

Work Wherever You Want To! New Work and The Reinvented Space.

In our last blog article, we discussed the term “new work” in general. We have seen that new work reunites many different phenomena which determine the work of the future. The workplace is one of them. In the workplace of the future, spaces are being reinvented, and within this context, the need for workers to actually work inside the company’s walls is questioned.

Individual workplaces belong to the past. Work zones are currently trending. Innovative companies focus increasingly on a wide range of working environments that adapt to the work activities of the employees. In addition to workspaces which are suitable for teamwork and cross-departmental encounters, there is a need for quiet retreats if one needs to concentrate.… Continue

New work – the work of the future

Globalization, work migration and technologisation – topics which substantially shape todays job market and raise significant questions: How does tomorrow’s job market look like? Where and, in particular, when will we work? How will we communicate? And what hierarchies will be in place? How much importance will work play in a person’s life, and above all, why and what do we work for?

Social network and teamwork concept

Terms like self-responsibility, self-reflexion, self-realisation, freedom and community thinking, virtual collaboration, augmented reality and crowd innovation will steadily gain more importance. In short, we talk about the work of the future: Classical concepts of work will be reconsidered and reinvented in relation to time, space and organisation.… Continue

Digitalization in Europe? Most wanted!

– By Melissa Rösch –

The big question after the sobering results of our Swiss study – how developed are other European countries in terms of digitalization? How digital are our neighbouring countries when it comes to HR? And how do they actually recruit their talents?

Internet of Things

Looking for a nice café online while on vacation often ends without success which probably not only I as a Marketing(-oriented) Intern have noticed. Most of the time you will not find the best insider tips on the web, but – as in the old days – through word-of-mouth recommendation. However, in times of Instagram and Co, people not only want to look up where to find the best coffee or paella in advance, but also photos of the food and further information.Thanks to the multitude of food bloggers, some restaurants are only listed on Google because of them, but an independent website can sometimes be difficult to find.… Continue

Somehow. Somewhere. Some time.

Study focus on Social Media in HR

Hardly any other term has shaped the internet and user behavior as profoundly as Social Media. It plays an important role not only in the private sphere, but also in the professional one – wherever interaction with people is concerned. So it’s ready made for HR! Many companies also see it this way therefore bet on social media. They are all taking part in some way, and know something about it – and that is the problem, as the third part of the study “HR Management Trends 2016” has found out.


Various possibilities

But starting from the beginning: In Switzerland over 3.5 million people are currently active on social media in one way or the other.… Continue