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Big Data _ 1984 vs. 2016


“Big Brother is watching you.” – This is often said when Big Data is discussed. This quotation from George Orwell’s novel “1984” has been brought into connection with data collection, storage and analysis not just since the Snowden revelations. Ever since governments or companies have collected and stored, analysed and misused data on a large scale, the descriptions of this dystopian novel are used to draw attention to the (alleged) digital surveillance.

But what are the positive benefits that we can draw from large data sets? In particular, human resources management should be critical in assessing the potential of this powerful technology.


Data protection in e-recruiting

E-recruiting has its roots in the early 2000ers, when the commercial internet gained in importance and the application via email became fashionable. With the emergence of social media websites and smart phones in the last few years, e-recruiting has further gained in significance.

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e-recruiting is a broad term and encompasses any and all recruiting forms that are conducted online. Accordingly, job vacancies that are uploaded onto a career page, ads on job sites, the use of applicant management software or recruiting via social media channels all belong to this umbrella term. In all of these cases the core point is that applicants make their data available through the internet.… Continue