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May we present to you: our chatbot search_match

What has previously occurred: At the end of July we presented to you the tool Chatfuel, with which you can easily create your own free chatbots on Facebook. The hows and whats were documented extensively. We also announced our own chatbots. Today we are excited to tell you that it is ready to be tested by you.


Why actually create your own Chatbot?

On one side is the love for technical innovation and on the other hand a chatbots offers the (still very simple, and sometimes restrictive) possibility to be available 24/7. The task of our new Facebook “employee” is to introduce jacando to you and to give you information on our key features and competences.… Continue

Tool time: We are building a Chat-Bot!

close up hands multitasking man using tablet, laptop and cellhpo

In early June we reported on a digital assistant, who is perfect for deployment in the job search: the Chatbot. But not only in HR, but in the entire technology industry, Chatbots seem rapidly to develop!

Psychotherapist who slams phrases.

However, the first job for the chatbot was the role as a psychotherapist. In 1966 Joseph Weizenbaum developed a program called ELIZA, which was able to communicate in complete sentences with the user.

Nowadays, there are countless different bots. But the basic principle and thus the greatest challenge for a bot still exists. What matters is the most accurate detection of human input.


RoBOTs as Recruiters

The fear, that robots will one day replace humans in the workspace, has consumed mankind for decades and has – when for instance looking at industry – become reality. The advantage of a robot is clear: it completes the most mindless tasks without complaint and is at that unbeatably cheap. The digitalization and automatization of processes does not stop at production, but is conquering all business segments. Why thus not also into HR and how could this look like?

Of ChatBots and JobBots

The answer to this are so called chatbots. They have been existing for years, but with the newest invention by Facebook they have moved more into the publc focus.… Continue