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Job On-Boarding – The perfect recipe for integration

Business onboarding concept. HR manager hiring employee or workers for job. Recruiting staff or personnel in company. Organizational socialization vector illustration. Talent acquisition illustration.

On-Boarding is the process of integrating new employees into a company. Significant are the first steps, because the successful “On-Boarding” of a new employee increases the satisfaction and performance, while potential stress factors can be avoided. The motivation and euphoria that every new employee brings along can be excelled through efficient integration and thus have a direct impact on the quality of work. But what ensures an optimal On-Boarding process and how can it be facilitated?

Where does the introduction process begin and when does it end?

For a company, integrating an employee begins with the publication of a job advertisement.… Continue

The big mourning for lost employees

Study “Employee Experience: Hired and forgotten!?”

The fact that the process of hiring employees is expensive and complex, no one doubts. The only way around it is to have satisfied, motivated employees who don’t think of a job change. Especially in times when talents and skilled workers are fought for, it is necessary to take more care of your own employees with appropriate measures and to bind them to the company. Easier said than done, as the latest study “Employee Experience: Hired and forgotten!?” by jacando shows. In the study, about 150 employees from Swiss and German companies were surveyed on the topic of “Employee Experience” and its importance nowadays, the great impact that digitalization has on it, and how this impact ultimately affects employee attitudes.… Continue

Why the crown suits the employee better

While companies treat their customers as kings for a long time already, their candidates also get “the kings” more and more: multicolored career pages, 24/7 chat opportunities, and simple, uncomplicated application processes. Companies are increasingly making an effort to build up their employer brand, in order to be attractive both internally and externally – feels like a high gloss magazine. So that is nice and good, but is it also enough to bind employees in the long term? And what about everyday life?

The first impression counts…

That the first impression counts is neither new nor a groundbreaking revelation. This applies to the applicants themselves as well as to the companies.… Continue

Lack of Employer Branding: Is the skilled worker shortage of the companies own making after all?

In recent years it has been one of the most widely discussed topics in the media. Again and again, companies are saying that there are not enough applicants and therefore a large number of vacancies remain unoccupied. But what is the role of the companies? How do they recruit and retain qualified talents and can they do something to boost the number of applicants?

More than one in two German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) complain that not all orders can be taken due to a lack of personnel, as a study by Ernst & Young has shown this year. In order to avoid these shortages, companies must strategically position themselves on the labour market, in order to attract attention and recruit the most qualified talents – no company want to lose neither its best candidates nor its most qualified employees to its competitors. … Continue

The Spectres Of Candidate Experience, or: Not Like That!

No feedback on the application, endless assessments, a condescending atmosphere at the job interview – such experiences are annoying, and unfortunately not very rare. In already published blog entries, we have looked at Candidate Experience from a business perspective. Now it is time to let the candidates themselves speak. For this, we interviewed many acquaintances about their experiences during application processes. The result is not entirely representative, but it shows a certain tendency towards hair-raising practices...

poor experience

The Answer.

The fact, that a fast response time is fundamental for a good Candidate Experience, we have mentioned in our blog several times.… Continue