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7 reasons why you should digitalize your HR process immediately

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Digitalization will remain a huge topic in 2018. Human Resources departments are also increasingly facing up to this challenge and can work as quickly, efficiently and paperlessly as possible with the help of innovative software. But not everyone is convinced of this yet…

We investigated seven reasons why you should immediately lead your HR process into the digital age with the help of HR software.

More time for the really important things

The process of applying via e-mail takes more than three times longer and even five times longer by post than using an application management system with a one-click application.… Continue

HR Analytics: Big Data and Digitalization in Talent Management


The era of HR Analytics has dawned. The corresponding functions provide a view into the future of a company and thus a human resources management under completely new circumstances. To what extent big data analytics are becoming ever more relevant – what is behind it and how can you make use of it not only in the search for candidates, but also in talent management and employee retention? Find out more about this in our article.

HR Analytics through the ages

Analyzing the current status – HR analysis tools have been able to do this for a long time. In recruiting, for example, they calculate the time to hire: the time that elapses from placing a job advertisement to the final occupation.… Continue

The big mourning for lost employees

Study “Employee Experience: Hired and forgotten!?”

The fact that the process of hiring employees is expensive and complex, no one doubts. The only way around it is to have satisfied, motivated employees who don’t think of a job change. Especially in times when talents and skilled workers are fought for, it is necessary to take more care of your own employees with appropriate measures and to bind them to the company. Easier said than done, as the latest study “Employee Experience: Hired and forgotten!?” by jacando shows. In the study, about 150 employees from Swiss and German companies were surveyed on the topic of “Employee Experience” and its importance nowadays, the great impact that digitalization has on it, and how this impact ultimately affects employee attitudes.… Continue

How to scare off candidates…

Have you ever applied for a job and never received any feedback? Or have you ever filled in an online form for more than 30 minutes, and then, after a short pause, learned that you exceeded the time-limit and that all entered data has vanished? Or did you ever have to „chop up“ your job references because your scans still exceeded the upload limit even after the one hundredth attempt? Such experiences are annoying, but unfortunately they occur way too often. And they are an essential part of your candidate experience.

Job interview


Digitalisation: without us! SMEs are giving away 130 Million CHF


That the digitalization is revolutionizing work is a fact and has changed the workday of companies in each and every size fundamentally. Possibilities to raise a company’s efficiency exist in many ways thanks to the digitalization – but the implementation of these are slow – if at all – to happen. Exactly this is currently happening with HR and recruiting. Besides the efficiency one other aspect especially suffers from this – the finances. In times of a strong Swiss Franc and skills shortages, SMEs are throwing away millions, as shown by the study “HR Management Trends 2016”.

Small and medium enterprises (SME) make up 99% of the companies in Switzerland and employee two thirds of the workforce.… Continue

we love social


Working at a non-profit organization (NPO) is not only exciting, but also fulfilling and meaningful. But because of its charitable mission, most jobs are voluntary-based. Thus it goes without saying that in case of a paid-vacancy many apply for it. At the same time this large number of applications means a lot of work –without the necessary human resources this is no easy task!

This makes recruitment one of the biggest challenges NPOs have to deal with besides raising donations. Publishing the vacancies on different job boards, reading all the applications, requesting missing documents and contacting each individual applicant – all these processes require a lot of time and administrative effort, and thus leave little time for other tasks.… Continue

Recruiting with a System


Often mentioned on our blog, separate functions occasionally described, new trends presented, but never truly explained – the applicant management system.

How these systems work, where they simplify recruiting processes and what is offered beyond that, is something we want to explain to you today.

From Application to Employment

Provided the application is not submitted via email or post, but through an online platform, an applicant management system is usually employed. This system stretches from the submission of the application to the signing of the employment contract. The goal of each of these systems is to make the recruiting process more efficient and to hire the most suitable candidates.


Recruiting with the touch of a button

According to the current recruiting trend study from Germany, all interviewed employees responsible for HR receive on average 48 applications per vacancy. For a tenth this number goes up to 100 applications per vacancy. Keeping track in such a situation is not easy: Which candidate is interesting for the vacancy? Have invitations and rejections been sent out? When are the interviews with the candidates? In addition to this, HR managers in small firms are often loaded down with other tasks. Thus it can happen very quickly, that some applications are not given the attention they deserve and that top candidates decide to join a different company due to the long waiting time.… Continue