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Job On-Boarding – The perfect recipe for integration

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On-Boarding is the process of integrating new employees into a company. Significant are the first steps, because the successful “On-Boarding” of a new employee increases the satisfaction and performance, while potential stress factors can be avoided. The motivation and euphoria that every new employee brings along can be excelled through efficient integration and thus have a direct impact on the quality of work. But what ensures an optimal On-Boarding process and how can it be facilitated?

Where does the introduction process begin and when does it end?

For a company, integrating an employee begins with the publication of a job advertisement. The process goes far beyond a new employee signing the employment contract. The quality of the On-Boarding process is crucial for long-term cooperation and a positive corporate culture. A study by the Aberdeen Group shows that, thanks to a successful entry, companies can keep up to 91% of their employees over the first year. While in need of improvement 70% percent of employees leave the job in the first year. Here you can find more information about the study.

Which factors are particularly significant for a successful start?

The most important thing to make the process as smooth and fluent as possible is the planning and structuring of the process, which requires a lot of preparation on the part of the employer. The new employee should not be thrown into the “cold water”, but should be included gently.

It is especially important for the newcomer to know his company, to know the values and structures so that the employee can identify with the company. Getting to know and integrate into the team is also important. For this, it is crucial that a new employee has a direct contact person who assumes the role of mentor. In addition, events can also be of fundamental importance. So that a new team member can also socialize in the company.

Clear instructions on the tasks are particularly important for the newcomer to feel comfortable and integrated. If he does not feel noticed and nobody takes enough time, even at the beginning, it can lead to frustration in the long run.

How do new employees integrate successfully and sustainably?

Unfortunately, the task of On-Boarding is considered a chore by many companies. However, there are great opportunities behind this, which strengthen cooperation in the long term and ensure the enjoyment of work.

The most important thing is that the employee feels comfortable in the company, which can be ensured by the structured induction phase. If the previously agreed ideas and expectations are met on both sides, this also increases motivation and satisfaction at the workspace. In order to ensure the efficiency of the process, meetings and direct feedback of the new employee are essential.

After all, the recipe for success are happy and motivated employees.

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