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Shortage of skilled workers: Utopia or fact?

In recent years it has been one of the most widely discussed topics in the media. On our blog a little hidden between Big Data, Candidate Experience, Trend Studies and E-Recruiting, it is high time that we devote ourselves to this topic. For it still troubles HR managers every day. But is it really an economic or even social problem, or is it made by the companies? And what can they do about it? The new series “Specialist deficit: Utopia or Fact?” Will bring light into the dark and illuminate the topic from different sides.

Illustration Fachkrfte angeln; Fachkrftemangel; Angeln; Personal; Arbeitsplatz; abwerben; Vermittlung; Headhunter; Mitarbeiter; Verstrkung

An interview with Prof. Dr. Michael Beckmann, Professor of Human Resources and Organization at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Basel.… Continue

Finding a baby-sitter made easy

Finding a good, reliable baby-sitter, who is trained in dealing with children, has until recently been a difficult, Sisyphean task. Even though the Swiss Red Cross has been training baby-sitters in how to handle children for over 30 years, the referral of baby-sitters and parents has only just now been professionalized. The platform, which allows this, is called, has been online since March and was constructed in collaboration with jacando.

cr universalitaAn interview with Christine Rüfenacht, Project Manager at the Swiss Red Cross.

Ms. Rüfenacht, how did the partnership with jacando come into existence?

For more than 30 years, future baby-sitters are being trained by the Swiss Red Cross (SRK) in a special course on the appropriate handling of children.… Continue

Expert knowledge in HRM topics: Interview Talent Management

Skills shortage, War for Talents, talent management: These concepts are not new, but continually gain importance. Because of this, it becomes clearer, that the relationship between companies, management and employees needs to be rethought. In which direction this new thinking should go, and which role the technological developments herein play, we learn today from Phillip Zeller, Head of Sales at jacando.Philipp_Zeller

What is behind the term Talent Management?

In short: talent management insures, that a company continually retains able employees, able in the sense that they can insure the prosperous development of the company – both today and in the future market environment.… Continue