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Month: May 2017

Cultural recruiting – completing the puzzle

illustration of a Woman confused with a piece of puzzle

In an earlier article we already discussed what exactly is meant with cultural fit and why it is a good choice for companies to consider it while looking for new employees. As a reminder: employees with a good cultural fit tend to stay longer in a company, are more motivated and help to create a harmonious teamwork. On the other hand, cultural fit shouldn’t be seen as a synonym for uniformity, because this would not be a good thing for the company either. All of this is easier said than done. The question here is, how one can find a cultural fit.… Continue

Cultural fit: when your employees go with the flow

Swim against the tideGood qualification, and the job interview was considerably promising, too – a nice guy; cheerful and yet confident and prudent. No question, a successful recruitment – or so it seemed. Very soon it got obvious that the new employee just does not fit into the company at all. This is a story that should be well-known in every HR department. The reason for such unsuccessful recruiting is often an absent cultural fit.… Continue

Why the crown suits the employee better

While companies treat their customers as kings for a long time already, their candidates also get “the kings” more and more: multicolored career pages, 24/7 chat opportunities, and simple, uncomplicated application processes. Companies are increasingly making an effort to build up their employer brand, in order to be attractive both internally and externally – feels like a high gloss magazine. So that is nice and good, but is it also enough to bind employees in the long term? And what about everyday life?

The first impression counts…

That the first impression counts is neither new nor a groundbreaking revelation. This applies to the applicants themselves as well as to the companies.… Continue