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Month: April 2016

Expert knowledge in HRM topics: Interview Talent Management

Skills shortage, War for Talents, talent management: These concepts are not new, but continually gain importance. Because of this, it becomes clearer, that the relationship between companies, management and employees needs to be rethought. In which direction this new thinking should go, and which role the technological developments herein play, we learn today from Phillip Zeller, Head of Sales at jacando.Philipp_Zeller

What is behind the term Talent Management?

In short: talent management insures, that a company continually retains able employees, able in the sense that they can insure the prosperous development of the company – both today and in the future market environment.… Continue

HRM 4.0: not yet with us! Summarizing the Personal Swiss

The world of employment is undergoing a digital transformation process, which does not spare the world of HR. while online vacancies and application methods have become the norm, but often are the extend of what companies are willing to do. A visit to this year’s Personal Swiss, the biggest Swiss convention for HR, has shown, were Swiss companies stand in this process and what advances they must not miss.

boerding397_klein_gerFoto Friederike Tröndle / Personal Swiss

HRM 4.0 – What does the 4.0 mean? HRM (human resource management) 4.0 is derived from Industry 4.0, which designates a German development program with the goal to connect people and machines to simplify all processes.… Continue

Recruiting Trends 2016

Digitalization in HR.  Today, sending the documents for an application digitally – via email – instead of using the post, has become the standard method. Most of the communication, as well as the management of applicant profiles, occurs electronically. But digitalization does not just mean translating existing processes into digital forms, but also opens the door to new possibilities and challenges.

In the last year the corresponding technology has made a great leap forward. However the HR community does not necessarily distinguish itself with an affinity for technology. The study “Recruiting Trends 2016“ by the Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) of the University of Bamberg analysed on behalf of the Monster Worldwide Deutschland GmbH amongst other things how these technological possibilities have been received by the responsible departments of companies.… Continue