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A fresh wind in the recruiting market


Most of us can remember it very well: job offers printed in newspapers, personal contacts and career fairs. These were the ways with which companies time not too long ago looked for new employees. Today the acquisition of staff is different: Most employers rely on the Internet and thus also on social media. Where head-hunters formerly had to put a lot of efforts into making contacts, today it usually is only a quick research on the internet, and what used to be personal recommendations through friends and acquaintances, is today done with just one click. With the advent of social media in recruiting, a fresh wind is blowing into the recruitment market.… Continue

Digitalisation: without us! SMEs are giving away 130 Million CHF


That the digitalization is revolutionizing work is a fact and has changed the workday of companies in each and every size fundamentally. Possibilities to raise a company’s efficiency exist in many ways thanks to the digitalization – but the implementation of these are slow – if at all – to happen. Exactly this is currently happening with HR and recruiting. Besides the efficiency one other aspect especially suffers from this – the finances. In times of a strong Swiss Franc and skills shortages, SMEs are throwing away millions, as shown by the study “HR Management Trends 2016”.

Small and medium enterprises (SME) make up 99% of the companies in Switzerland and employee two thirds of the workforce.… Continue

we love social


Working at a non-profit organization (NPO) is not only exciting, but also fulfilling and meaningful. But because of its charitable mission, most jobs are voluntary-based. Thus it goes without saying that in case of a paid-vacancy many apply for it. At the same time this large number of applications means a lot of work –without the necessary human resources this is no easy task!

This makes recruitment one of the biggest challenges NPOs have to deal with besides raising donations. Publishing the vacancies on different job boards, reading all the applications, requesting missing documents and contacting each individual applicant – all these processes require a lot of time and administrative effort, and thus leave little time for other tasks.… Continue

May we present to you: our chatbot search_match

What has previously occurred: At the end of July we presented to you the tool Chatfuel, with which you can easily create your own free chatbots on Facebook. The hows and whats were documented extensively. We also announced our own chatbots. Today we are excited to tell you that it is ready to be tested by you.


Why actually create your own Chatbot?

On one side is the love for technical innovation and on the other hand a chatbots offers the (still very simple, and sometimes restrictive) possibility to be available 24/7. The task of our new Facebook “employee” is to introduce jacando to you and to give you information on our key features and competences.… Continue

When the applicants fail to appear: improve candidate experience?!

First discovered as a new trend in the USA, now also a major topic in employee recruitment: the candidate experience. Especially in times of shortage of skilled workers and the so called “war of talents”, an above average candidate experience is worth its weight in gold.

Girl talks about her experience for an job interview

At its core. the experience that an applicant has during the application process with a company, is called candidate experience. Derived from customer-experience-management, the happiness of applicants and especially future employees is the focus.

It starts with the job listing.

But starting from the beginning: the candidate experience starts with the first contact a candidate has with the company.… Continue

Tool time: We are building a Chat-Bot!

close up hands multitasking man using tablet, laptop and cellhpo

In early June we reported on a digital assistant, who is perfect for deployment in the job search: the Chatbot. But not only in HR, but in the entire technology industry, Chatbots seem rapidly to develop!

Psychotherapist who slams phrases.

However, the first job for the chatbot was the role as a psychotherapist. In 1966 Joseph Weizenbaum developed a program called ELIZA, which was able to communicate in complete sentences with the user.

Nowadays, there are countless different bots. But the basic principle and thus the greatest challenge for a bot still exists. What matters is the most accurate detection of human input.


Recruiting with a System


Often mentioned on our blog, separate functions occasionally described, new trends presented, but never truly explained – the applicant management system.

How these systems work, where they simplify recruiting processes and what is offered beyond that, is something we want to explain to you today.

From Application to Employment

Provided the application is not submitted via email or post, but through an online platform, an applicant management system is usually employed. This system stretches from the submission of the application to the signing of the employment contract. The goal of each of these systems is to make the recruiting process more efficient and to hire the most suitable candidates.


Who are you, and if so, how many?

Who Are You?

Finding and hiring the right candidate is not an easy task. Of this, recruiters can especially sing a song. On one side you have to be fast, so that a candidate does not end up with the competition. On the other hand, the simple reading of an application has to be enough to evaluate, whether or not a person and their skills fit into the team and to the position, and should thus be invited to an interview. And as soon as a candidate sits in the interview, they will present themselves from their best side and preserves the appearance, that they fit the profile better than they actually do.… Continue

HR Trend: Snapchat?

Snapchat – that is the name of the App whose user numbers have exploded in the last few years. Already named the trend of 2016 by many HR experts, the questions now asked are: What does the app do? How does it work? And what is it doing on an HR blog?

Source: snapchat.comSource:

Snapchat? What is that even?

As the name lets on, Snapchat is a short message service. But it is not another Facebook messenger or WhatsApp clone. Because the messages are not available for an indefinite time, and instead disappear after having been read for a maximum of 10 seconds.… Continue