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The big chance for SMEs, or: If you don’t act now, it is your own fault

Study on employer branding in recruiting

Marketing for products or services is nothing new – marketing for companies as employers on the other hand is. In times of skills shortages and demographic change, companies are challenged in terms of employer attractivity and employer branding has become a must. As the second part of the sty “HR Management Trends 2016” shows, employer branding is mostly ignored and a lot of potential is wasted.


In the past, everything was much simpler: Skills shortage was an alien word, companies were able to pick the best one from many good applicants, and employees remained loyal to the company for decades.… Continue

From Work-Life-Balance to Work-Life-Integration


It’s 8am. I open my notebook. To the right an espresso, to the left notepad and smartphone. A quick draft for the next blog article, because in two hours I start my next lecture at the University. Now I’m not a freelancer or even operate my own blog. Nevertheless, the whole thing plays out today at my home – at my desk, with my own work tool; far away from open-plan offices and conference rooms. The so-called “work-life integration” allows me to work this way.

From Work-Life-Balance to Work-Life-Integration

Work-life-balance should by now be comprehensible for everyone. Finding right balance between work and leisure, was and is the highest of goals, when it comes to leading a fulfilled life with a successful career.


Skills shortage? The HEKS has an answer

Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-04 um 14.32.12

Skills shortage is not a new topic in Switzerland. To blame for this is – of course not solely – the demographic change. The aging of the population leads to an imbalance in the employed and the unemployed, with a rising tendency. This leads to more than half of the companies being influenced in their recruitment by this skills shortage and having problems with finding qualified specialists.

The availability of a sufficiently skilled workforce is, as is known, extremely important for the competitiveness of companies, and accordingly urgent innovative approaches are needed to overcome the shortcomings of skilled labour. A very interesting approach from our point of view is offered by the Relief Society of the Protestant Churches of Switzerland (HEKS) with its campaign “Equal Opportunity Pays Off“.… Continue

Up-to-date with HR-Blogs: our favourites

Blog Blogging Media Messaging Social Network Media Concept

Big data, e-recruiting, social media, mobility – digitization does not stop in front of the HR department and its processes. This is anything but new, and yet it still causes quite a headache and a big question mark for many companies. HR professionals are active on several fronts at the same time and now also have to stay up-to-date on trends and tools: a Snapchat account as an employer branding measure, WhatsApp groups for career seekers, applicant management tools, Xing as a sourcing option? Keeping an overview then becomes quite hard, especially if you lack the resources to do so. Thank god for

the HR-bloggers. … Continue

HR Study shows: Digitalization is not IT

Mobile recruiting, applicant management systems, social media and online job-search platforms – they all have one thing in common: they are children of the digitalization and are shaking up the HR scene. While in the past recruiting was done by hand, today (almost) everything is done with a mouse click. The processes are visibly more efficient and simpler, thus giving HR recruiters more time for the truly important processes and the people behind them. – Sadly this is not true. Recruiting is still done like yesterday, incredibly homogenous and much is misunderstood, like the study “HR Management Trends 2016” shows.


The Study “HR Management Trends 2016”, which was conducted by jacando in collaboration with the Swiss SME Association and HR Today, investigated in the first of three parts how recruitment is done today.… Continue

Mobile Recruiting is here! … Well, sort of.

Businesswoman using hand drawn social network interface

Recruiting over Snapchat and Employer Branding via Pokemon GO – these were the last alleged hypes in the HR landscape. What they have in common: both are smartphone apps. Today we want to talk about recruiting on smartphone & co. The focus is not on short-lived trends, but the shift to mobile recruiting.

Codeword: “responsive”.

Mobile Recruiting referres at its core to recruiting using smartphone, tablet, or similar mobile devices. This can be recruiting campaigns via Snapchat, application through a proprietary app or the disclosure of candidate information through social networks, which can also be used via phone – but especially mobile optimized career sites and job boards.


Application from XY – Anonymized Applications

In the last post we reported on professional networks, in which perfect self-presentation is part of a successful job search. Today is all about a contrarian approach: Anonymized applications.

As the name suggests, the applications are made completely unrecognizable in this process. This means that the name and sex of the applicant do not appear in the documents. Images are not admitted. All data, which could indicate origin and age, omitted.

Commonplace in North America.

In the US, since the 60’s applications will be sent without a photo, age and gender. In German-speaking countries this is rather unusual. The HR departments still seem rather sceptical about the anonymity.… Continue

A fresh wind in the recruiting market


Most of us can remember it very well: job offers printed in newspapers, personal contacts and career fairs. These were the ways with which companies time not too long ago looked for new employees. Today the acquisition of staff is different: Most employers rely on the Internet and thus also on social media. Where head-hunters formerly had to put a lot of efforts into making contacts, today it usually is only a quick research on the internet, and what used to be personal recommendations through friends and acquaintances, is today done with just one click. With the advent of social media in recruiting, a fresh wind is blowing into the recruitment market.… Continue

Digitalisation: without us! SMEs are giving away 130 Million CHF


That the digitalization is revolutionizing work is a fact and has changed the workday of companies in each and every size fundamentally. Possibilities to raise a company’s efficiency exist in many ways thanks to the digitalization – but the implementation of these are slow – if at all – to happen. Exactly this is currently happening with HR and recruiting. Besides the efficiency one other aspect especially suffers from this – the finances. In times of a strong Swiss Franc and skills shortages, SMEs are throwing away millions, as shown by the study “HR Management Trends 2016”.

Small and medium enterprises (SME) make up 99% of the companies in Switzerland and employee two thirds of the workforce.… Continue