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Never-ending holidays – why is my Indian colleague out of office?

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Different countries, different customs, different holidays – especially international companies know this issue. In order to guarantee smooth cooperation, it is important to know when colleagues abroad are free. Some serious and not so serious holidays at a glance and how digital helpers can support you to get an overview.

From Yom Kippur, Ramadan and World Beer Day

There are hundreds of different holidays around the world. In addition to numerous religious holidays, there are also numerous other official days on which work is not carried out. In Switzerland, the federal holiday is currently approaching on 1 August, while the German neighbours have “their” holiday on 3 October, the French on 14 July.… Continue

7 reasons why you should digitalize your HR process immediately

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Digitalization will remain a huge topic in 2018. Human Resources departments are also increasingly facing up to this challenge and can work as quickly, efficiently and paperlessly as possible with the help of innovative software. But not everyone is convinced of this yet…

We investigated seven reasons why you should immediately lead your HR process into the digital age with the help of HR software.

More time for the really important things

The process of applying via e-mail takes more than three times longer and even five times longer by post than using an application management system with a one-click application.… Continue

Off-boarding – The pillars of exit-management

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9 months ago I introduced myself to jacando and after the interview and trial day my journey started immediately. During and after my entry phase I could always rely on my colleagues and superiors. So I can report with pleasure of a successful on-boarding process. These experiences are also reflected in our blog contributions to a successful on-boarding process. Now after the end of my internship and shortly before the start of my studies, a good time at jacando AG is coming to an end and what would be better for this occasion than a contribution to the successful off-boarding process.… Continue

HR Analytics: Big Data and Digitalization in Talent Management


The era of HR Analytics has dawned. The corresponding functions provide a view into the future of a company and thus a human resources management under completely new circumstances. To what extent big data analytics are becoming ever more relevant – what is behind it and how can you make use of it not only in the search for candidates, but also in talent management and employee retention? Find out more about this in our article.

HR Analytics through the ages

Analyzing the current status – HR analysis tools have been able to do this for a long time. In recruiting, for example, they calculate the time to hire: the time that elapses from placing a job advertisement to the final occupation.… Continue