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Classifieds are dead? Long live the ad sections!

KleinanzeigenSome time ago, when you wanted to find a job, rent a space or sell or buy used goods, first of all you had a look at the classified ads in your local newspaper and maybe asked your friends to keep their eyes open. Then online platfoms – ebay, jobs.ch and others – entered the picture and everything changed, making the ad section of a newspaper obsolete and leading to losses in revenues for media companies in general and newspapers in particular. Since the whole printing business is suffering more and more under the technological advances, magazines and newspaper need to rethink their strategies on how to make use – and money – of their reach. And classified ads in an updated format can make the difference.

Of course, nowadays it’s not enough to just provide a site to post an ad and then charge people for using it, as it used to be in print papers and magazines. Users expect more from an ad portal: they want to be able to search precisely for what they want and to interact with the other party in a dynamic way. They want to know that their information is safe and that the other party can be trusted to provide the service as agreed. This is particularly true for job seekers and employers looking to be hired. Applications by mail – electronic or even paper – are no longer up to standard. Instead, both sides profit from a well structured portal that makes it easy to manage applications and documents, improving the candidate and recruiting experience on both sides. But it takes a lot of work to build user-friendly ad portals that run smoothly and efficiently and most newspapers just can’t afford to invest that effort. So it makes much more sense for media companies to cooperate with innovative players that have the proficiency and the infrastructure that is needed and that can take charge of technical support and customer care. And for the platform, it’s an opportunity to increase their customer reach. All in all, it’s a win-win-situation.

One example is the cooperation between the Basel based TagesWoche and the online platform jacando that specializes in matchmaking between employers and job applicants. The user has access to the platform via the ad portal of TagesWoche, that also includes other ad sections. jacando can profit from the reach and reputation of the newspaper and vice versa, the media company can offer their readers a service that exceeds the possibilities of a simple online website.

There are many ways to adapt this model in different areas, building a network of different platforms and connecting the local audience with service providers they can trust.

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